Chaos Gets A Bad Rap

Chaos Gets A Bad Rap

As it turns out, the nature of the physical world favors the free movement of people to self-organize and self-govern without the interference of external command-and-control structures …

… politicians routinely chisel into stone thousands of new laws each year on countless promises that they can improve societal conditions. And one argument they employ to justify their interventionism is that they believe they are, as Butler Shaffer puts it, “controlling that which determines events.”

Social chaologists understand that lawmakers are chasing a moving, evolving and mutating target. Even if a politician introduced a bill that appears to be right on the mark, which is highly unlikely, by the time it is enacted, it might not only be useless but dangerous to society and the economy. Then again, how would politicians know? They rarely read the proposed bills; often they enact laws they have not written; and in some cases, they approve legislation without a vote …

L.K. Samuels on chaology @ Strike the Root

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