Welcome to!

This site is a static archive of what I have found to be useful or compelling.

The site is organized by Tags and Categories.

Each post is in a Category, i.e. Audio, Video, Image.

Each post has multiple tags, i.e. #LOLGov, Freedom, Law, Homeschool.

Wherever you see a small gray box with a word in it, you can click to see all posts with that Category or Tag.

My hope is that your exploration is a positive experience. It is not possible for you to agree with everything you see.

I don’t agree with everything you could find here!

For instance, you may find a video that I think is enlightening, but comes from a website with which I am politically opposed.

Disagreement is healthy. It is when we focus on the disagreement rather than the commonality, when we move away from solutions, that problems grow.

There are several ways this site can be used, and you may find creative new ones:

– Click around and cure boredom
– Find new resources or remind yourself of ones you’ve seen before
– Homeschool or auto-didactic framework
– Post a link to a compelling meme or political cartoon instead of arguing, or to supplement your position

Thank you, and enjoy!