Free State Project: Toward Voluntary Society


Do you believe that adults have the right to make their own decisions about their own lives? Do you want to live in a place where adults are treated as adults? Where people take responsibility for their own actions, lives, and dealings with others? Where community is genuine and voluntary? Where your rights are fully respected, provided only that you equally respect the rights of others?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the Free State Project has a proposition for you.

What the Free State Project is

The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from any and all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors, who agree to the political philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists at most to protect people’s rights, and should neither provide for people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.

Statement of Intent: “I hereby state my solemn intent to move to the State of New Hampshire. Once there, I will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of individuals’ rights to life, liberty, and property.” Anyone who promotes violence, racial hatred, or bigotry is not welcome.