FOSSHub Free Open Source Downloads

FossHub Free Open Source Downloads

FossHub is a website and also a platform (for developers and projects) where people can download for free many popular free and *clean* software titles. We strive to offer you a fast download experience, a clean website look, easy navigation, only a single ad to help us pay our bills, and no software bundles, adware or anything that can be identified as malware.

FossHub is a part of FOSS (you can read more about F/OSS, FOSS, FLOSS terms here) community focused on providing downloads and hosting for the free projects. We also list a limited number of free software titles that can be categorized as “freeware,” “proprietary,” or “closed-source” software (please read below the “Controversy” or “Manifest” section). We HATE pop-ups, spyware, and excessive ads. We are against deceptive/misleading advertising… Please note that we do not modify software binaries, and we strive to be recognized as one of the most trustworthy places when it comes down to free software.