Decentralized YouTube, BitTorrent Alternative


How does LBRY benefit content consumers? Why should I bother caring?
Do you watch YouTube? Imagine paying a few cents to eliminate all ads. 100% of the payment will go directly to the content creator – and they’ll still be earning more than YouTube offers, so they’ll want to make even more of the content you love.


Do you use BitTorrent? Imagine getting paid to seed files into the network. Because there is a marketplace for these files, you can finally find rare songs and films that can’t support a torrent swarm based on popularity alone.


Do you shop on the iTunes Store? Imagine paying less for songs, TV episodes, and music videos and having 100% of the price directly to the creators.


LBRY is a digital media library at your fingertips. It can store any kind of content and make it available at low cost on demand. In a few years time, LBRY may become your one-stop-shop for everything digital, from ebooks to video games to movies. One app to rule them all – but still leaving more power in your hands because it is decentralized by design.