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The content appearing on this site is sourced from the /qresearch/ and /qrb/ image and discussion boards on 8kun (the successor to 8chan, which was thoroughly deplatformed in August 2019).

These are anonymous free speech boards – we are strongly anti-censorship (which is not a popular stance with the corrupt elites of this world!)

The content that appears on this site is first posted by anons (anonymous users) from all walks of life. Anyone is welcome to post on the board.

Notable posts (notables), hopefully with high-quality research and sources (sauce) are then collected by bakers and posted at the top of each new thread (or bread), where they make their way to this site.

QAnon or Q also posts on the /qresearch/ board, which is the real reason that 8chan was taken down and 8kun remains under heavy attack today. You can read all of Q’s posts and access other resources at qmap.pub, qanon.pub and qanon.news. You can search the entire board contents using qresear.ch.