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This site is a collection of films, documentaries and web clips of particular interest to libertarians.  It is the companion site to the book to Miss Liberty’s Guide to Film: Movies for the Libertarian Millennium, where many of the recommended films were originally reviewed.

“Live and let live,” “that government is best which governs least,” –it’s been said in many ways. Fundamentally, libertarians seek a world in which people interact peacefully, voluntarily, without force or fraud.

Of course most human interaction is peaceful and voluntary. But the large and ever expanding exception to this rule is government.  Some government is necessary, of course, to secure peace and liberty but it’s safe to say that in many areas government has well-exceeded that mandate. So, one of the primary activities of libertarians is finding ways to roll back the State in favor of a more voluntary society.

At the same time, at a personal level libertarians advocate “self-government,” i.e., personal responsibility and social tolerance. Self-government essentially means taking care of yourself (so others don’t have to) and tolerating differences in others (so conflicts between people are minimized). The more self-government we do, the less others’ government we’ll have to put up with.

“Self-government is the combination of personal responsibility and tolerance. Responsibility means you govern yourself. Tolerance means you don’t force your values on peaceful, honest people.” —Advocates for Self-Government